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I go to Dr. Huff for dental cleanings and dental procedures. No matter what is done it is always explained very well first. Anytime I have had a dental problem I always feel like they do their very best to work me into their schedule and that I am not rushed through. The time is taken with me as with any other appointment that day.

I have just had my bite adjusted and am VERY pleased. Comfort and function are very important and every step was taken to ensure both for me. This is not the first procedure I have had done here and every time I leave pleased with the results.
My four year old daughter also goes to Dr. Huff and she LOVES to go to the dentist. I hear from so many people that their children are afraid of the dentist but my daughter is always excited to go. The entire staff makes sure she is as happy as possible while there which makes for a very happy child AND mom.

I am very happy to have Dr. Huff and his staff to help my family and I with all of our dental needs.

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