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We are proud to offer modern laser therapy for a variety of procedures in our office.

We often utilize dental lasers of various types for a wide range of treatment. Essentially, lasers are concentrated light beams in a variety of wavelengths that are used for different purposes. For example, diode lasers work well for cauterizing bleeding during surgery, minor reshaping of gums (gingivoplasty) to enhance or enable access to cavity preparations and for better impressions. Diodes can also be used to help relieve muscle pain and to facilitate healing by reducing swelling when used at the time of surgery.

The Waterlase MD is an Erbium, Chrome: YSGG laser that is versatile in performing surgical procedures on skin, bone, and tooth structure. While it can be used to desensitize teeth and to prepare teeth for fillings, we most often use it to reduce discomfort from tooth extraction and several gum surgeries.

We welcome you to learn more about the Waterlase MD by clicking on the following link: Waterlase MD.

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