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Why Do I Need Caps If I Haven’t Had a Cavity In Years?

You May Need A Crown To Fix Existing Dental Work

Large fillings have been used as an economical therapy to restore cavities for over a century, many times to treat cavities or to replace cusps that have broken off. Often, pins have been placed to hold these fillings in place. However, this type of restoration is a “short-term” fix, realistically, because they do not necessarily strengthen the afflicted teeth but merely stop disease and attempt to restore function. Although the lifespan of these large fillings can be many years, it is more realistic to expect them to last about 7 years, on average.Crowns Dover OH

Since these fillings often require the creation of undercuts, wells, and grooves in the teeth to help hold them in, minor fractures can occur in the tooth during placement that get larger over time with normal functional forces from chewing. Once a tooth begins to crack, it may take years to pose a clinical problem, much like a stone chip in a windshield that goes unnoticed for months and then a crack shows up instantaneously. A severe crack can cause unusual types of toothaches and can lead to the loss of a tooth. Fortunately, modern magnification tools like loupes and intraoral video cameras allow dentists to see these cracks in many cases much earlier than in previous years which translates into early diagnosis and often the prevention of pain and possible tooth loss.

In fact, the recommendation for crowns and the diagnosis of fractured tooth syndrome is fairly routine.   Crowns, or “caps”, are often the restoration of choice when these large fillings fail or when cracks appear.  If done properly, crowns may be the best restorative service that we as dentists can provide. Of course, many factors come into play as to whether your dentist recommends a crown or not. If you would like to  consult Dr. Huff about your oral health please contact us to schedule an appointment at our office in Dover, OH.

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