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Reasonable Expectations for New Denture

Denture Expecations

There is a tendency for many to desire dentures rather than to invest in saving their existing teeth through maintenance and restorative dentistry. I personally cannot understand this, and I definitely cannot understand why some dentists would agree to remove reasonably salvageable teeth to comply with a patient’s desire to have dentures. Denture wearers usually have decreased confidence in chewing, their taste is altered, and they continue to lose jaw bone over time from atrophy. However, when dentures are absolutely needed, people do not need to “get used to” poorly fitting or unsightly dentures if they are properly fabricated by a skilled clinician.

If dentures are made to place immediately at the time teeth are extracted, it is difficult to make dentures with optimal esthetics because the technician arbitrarily positions the teeth without the dentist being able to try the dentures in with wax and being able to customize the position of the teeth. The dentures will need to be relined several times over the next year to accommodate for healing changes, which is often done with a soft lining material. After a year or so, the “immediate denture” will need to be relined in the laboratory or completely remade.

If made after the extraction sites have healed, dentures can be completely customized. New dentures can be, and should be, made to look like natural teeth that match the patient’s facial shape, contours, and size. Some people even like the teeth to be positioned irregularly so they look more natural. When new dentures are placed, it is normal for the mouth to feel full, and several adjustment appointments will be needed to address sore spots.

Many people struggle with dentures that do not fit properly, have inappropriate esthetics that challenge self-confidence, or are simply worn out. If this applies to you or someone you know, there is likely relief for you!

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