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Reasonable Expectations For New Denture

Reasonable Expectations for New Denture

Denture Expecations There is a tendency for many to desire dentures rather than to invest in saving their existing teeth through maintenance and restorative dentistry. I personally cannot understand this, and I definitely cannot understand why some dentists would agree to remove reasonably salvageable teeth to comply with a patient's desire to have dentures. Denture wearers usually have decreased confidence…

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Fighting Brain Fog

Fighting Brain Fog

How do you fight brain fog? Do you have problems focusing at work or in school? Do you ever stop yourself in the middle of the day and forget where you have just been or where you just put that stack of papers down two minutes ago? Do you ever drift away when driving and wonder how you just drove…

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Cleared For Surgery

Cleared for Surgery

When planning a major surgery, it should be normal protocol for the surgeon to ask for dental pre-op clearance because of the strong association between dental disease and overall systemic health. For example, untreated periodontal disease ramps up the body's bacterial load which may lead to postoperative systemic infection when the body is challenged by a surgical event. In fact,…

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Facts About Fillings!

Facts about Fillings!

Filling Facts A dental filling fills a hole in a tooth that used to have natural tooth structure. That hole can be created by tooth decay or even when part of the tooth breaks off. While "fillings" can be made of tooth-colored ceramic or plastic, they can also be made from metal like gold or silver-colored dental amalgam. Most of…

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Reasons Root Canal Therapy May Be Painful

Reasons Root Canal Therapy May be Painful

Risks of Root Canals It is no surprise that one of the most feared dental procedures is the root canal. This is unfortunate because root canal therapy carries a much higher success rate than most medical procedures. Nearly 9 out of 10 teeth treated with root canals remain comfortable and functional for many years! However, sometimes there is lingering pain…

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Dover Dentist Determined To Do More

Dover Dentist Determined to Do More

An Introduction to Dr. Kevin Huff When Dr. Kevin Huff acquired the dental office of Dr. Henry R. Deetz in 1996, located on West 4th Street in Dover it became a legacy practice. The practice has been serving patients from Tuscarawas, Harrison, Coshocton, Stark, Wayne, and Holmes counties for more than half a century. Dr. Huff is the new Dover…

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