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What Causes Grooves On  Your Teeth?

What Causes Grooves On Your Teeth?

  Many people start to develop small, wedge-shaped grooves in their teeth when they approach middle age, but their dentists have told them for a long time that these are not cavities. Oftentimes, dentists tend to blame these “lesions”, as we call them, on brushing too aggressively with a hard toothbrush. Many patients respond to this accusation by saying that…

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Why are my fillings turning black?

Amalgam Fillings Turning Black Dental amalgam is the filling material that has been used by most dentists for many, many years to fix cavities in teeth. Essentially, it is a blend of metals like silver, copper, and tin. In order to make it moldable, a small amount of mercury is incorporated into the filling material, which allows it to be…

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Facts About Fillings!

Facts about Fillings!

Filling Facts A dental filling fills a hole in a tooth that used to have natural tooth structure. That hole can be created by tooth decay or even when part of the tooth breaks off. While "fillings" can be made of tooth-colored ceramic or plastic, they can also be made from metal like gold or silver-colored dental amalgam. Most of…

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