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Oral Health

Comparing Manual and Electric Toothbrushes

In recent years, you may have noticed a rise in the popularity of powered toothbrushes. With all the hype, they may seem like the clear-cut choice. But are they really? Most dentists agree that a manual toothbrush can offer the same level of cleanliness as a powered toothbrush, if used appropriately. The ease of power toothbrushes is the real divider.…

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Why Over-Brushing Should be Avoided

Good dental hygiene begins with brushing and flossing routinely. Most people know by now that they should brush their teeth for about two-minutes, twice-a-day. What they may not know is the potential damage they could be causing their teeth by over-brushing. It’s also important that brushing is done correctly, not just the amount of time they brush. Toothbrush abrasion occurs when…

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Treating Gum Disease: Why Some Patients Are Being Asked To Come In More Than Twice A Year

In the recent past, studies have linked periodontal disease—better known as gum disease—to systemic disorders such as diabetes, depression, heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), stroke, and pre-mature birth weights. In addition to these systemic disorders, gum disease can also cause bad breath, pain, and tooth loss, and has even been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.  Thankfully, gum disease can be…

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The Future of Invasive Dental Practices

The time of non-invasive surgery techniques is upon us. Of course, we’ve already seen doctors and surgeons use tiny cameras, surgical instruments, and small tubes to complete procedures through a few small incisions in a medical technique called laparoscopy. There’s also robotic surgery, and this method gives the doctor a completely 3-D view of the patient’s surgery site. Robotic surgery…

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Power Of A Smile

The Power of a Smile

No matter what language barriers stand between us, a smile is a universal symbol of happiness and trustworthiness in terms of non-verbal communication. You could almost say that receiving a genuine, heartfelt smile from someone is better than receiving money, according to a study performed in 2005. Psychologist Dr. David Lewis, who analyzed these findings, reported: “The powerful emotions triggered…

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Dental Emergency - Thanksgiving Dinner

I’ll Bet You See A Lot Of Emergencies Around The Holidays, Don’t you?

Turkey, popcorn balls, nuts, home-made hardtack and taffy, fruitcake...All of these delicious goodies characterize the Holiday season. Unfortunately, they can wreak havoc on an unprepared mouth. Problems related to broken teeth usually increase in frequency around this time of feast and celebration. The chewing mechanism is controlled both consciously and automatically. When you decide to bite into an apple or…

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Dental Tourism

“Dental Tourism” Can Be Dangerous

Due to the rising costs of dental and medical care, there is a trend for patients to travel to other countries for dental and medical care. Unfortunately, when one leaves the United States in search of a “cheap fix” the results can often be disastrous. In this country, we have the benefits of high-quality healthcare education, and healthcare professionals must…

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No Magical Age When Dentures Are Necessary

There is a common misconception that everyone will need complete dentures at some time in their lives.  I really believe that this belief is passed down from generation to generation.  Grandma and Grandpa had dentures “all their lives,” then Mom and Dad had dentures “all their lives” and so I know that I'll need dentures at some time.  The fact…

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