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Periodontal Disease

Treating Gum Disease: Why Some Patients Are Being Asked To Come In More Than Twice A Year

In the recent past, studies have linked periodontal disease—better known as gum disease—to systemic disorders such as diabetes, depression, heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), stroke, and pre-mature birth weights. In addition to these systemic disorders, gum disease can also cause bad breath, pain, and tooth loss, and has even been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.  Thankfully, gum disease can be…

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Deep Cleaning Dentist In Dover, OH

Is It Normal to Have to Have a Deep Cleaning More Than Once?

Periodontal disease has become the most common reason for tooth loss in the American adult population. Multiple research studies have been conducted during the past thirty years that have proven that, what used to be called "pyorrhea of the gums" and "periodontosis," is an opportunistic infection caused by several different types of bacteria. Recent research has linked periodontal disease to systemic…

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Dental Health Dentist In Dover, OH

Why It Can’t Wait…

It is simply human nature to procrastinate dental work. There are multiple known reasons for this, including fear of discomfort, time constraints, and fear of the unknown.  Modern dental techniques that make dental care much more comfortable than in days past; technology that makes dental appointments much shorter, and a plethora of free information about dentistry that can be found on the…

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Gum Disease

Is Gingivitis the Same Thing as Gum Disease?

Healthy gums do not bleed.  Any amount of bleeding during brushing on on minimal stimulation is, therefore, variation from health.  Both gingivitis and periodontitis are forms of gum disease. Classification of gum diseases is very difficult because they are caused by many different types of germs and are dependent on the overall health of each individual patient.  However, recently it…

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