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Can I Inherit Cavities?

Do We Inherit Our Teeth?

From the moment that we're born, we always have other people talking about just how much we look like dad or mom or another family member. "You have your mother's eyes," or "You've got your grandma's hands,” are variations of remarks that most of us get throughout our life. We know that a considerable amount of our physical traits and…

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Root Canal Therapy Dentist In Dover, OH

Improper Restorations Common Reason for Root Canal Problems

Quite often, patients initially say "no" to root canal therapy because they know of someone who has had a bad experience. Although some people have heard that root canal therapy is painful, the most common horror stories are about endodontically treated teeth (those that have had root canal therapy) cracking, breaking, or shattering and the subsequent loss of the tooth.…

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Dentist In Dover OH

Diamonds Are Forever; Restorations Are Not    

No dental filling, crown, denture, or whitening procedure lasts forever. Recently, unfounded claims have been made by some dentists that if specific criteria are followed and if people do exactly as they are told that dental restorations last "a lifetime." To some extent, this is true...for the lifetime of the restoration or the prosthesis. Any promise otherwise is unfounded, unethical,…

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Dental Treatments When Pregnant Dover, OH Dentist

What Kind of Dental Treatment Can I Have When I’m Pregnant?

Complex biological events occur in the mouth during pregnancy as they do all over the body. Hormonal changes increase the potential for inflammation, make the mouth more susceptible to infection, and can sensitize the gag reflex. As a result, it may be difficult for some women to brush their teeth properly during the first trimester of pregnancy. An old adage…

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Dentist In Dover OH

Lasers Have a Place in Dentistry

Lasers have been reported to work wonders in all aspects of modern medicine, including dentistry. While lasers offer a different twist to doing routine dental procedures and give the aura of "state-of-the-art technology," they do not replace the traditional dental handpiece ("drill") currently. Lasers can be used to perform soft tissue surgeries very well, and they can remove decay from…

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Baby Teeth Dover Ohio

Why Should We Spend Money To Save Baby Teeth?

Deciduous teeth, or "baby teeth" as they are commonly called, erupt during the first two years of life and function in a healthy mouth until the adult, succedaneous, teeth are fully developed. During this time, they function for chewing, speech development, esthetics, and they are critical for proper growth and development of the skull and jaw. When they are lost…

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Children's Dental Health

Children’s Dental Health | How old should a child be before they can go to the dentist?

The answer to this question is quite simple....  as soon as they can comfortably sit in a dental chair by themselves or lay back on a parent's lap.  Dental schools often state a magic age of 3 years old.  However, this has absolutely no scientific foundation. Unfortunately, many parents wait until their child has a toothache or an obvious cavity before…

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Brushing Dover, OH

What Do You Think About Brushing with Baking Soda?

For centuries, many concoctions have been devised for cleaning teeth and brushing.  Some of those ingredients have been ground pebbles, honey, incense, burnt seashells, coral, talc, salt cattle hooves, and dragon's blood.  The popularity of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as an ingredient has ebbed and flowed in popularity over the past two centuries.  It has many beneficial properties for oral…

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