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What’s Better, Saving A Tooth With A Root Canal Or Replacing It With Dental Implants?

What’s better, saving a tooth with a root canal or replacing it with dental implants?

Dental implants have proven over the past 20+ years to be a fantastic alternative to many traditional dental therapies.  They have proven to be between 88% and 96% successful in replacing one or many teeth.  However, they do tend to be more costly than traditional dentistry in many situations, require specially trained dentists and surgeons, and cannot be placed in…

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Dental Implants Then And Now

Dental Implants Then and Now

Dental implants have been being placed for decades in many forms. Early implant styles were basically surgical steel plates shaped like picket fences that were placed into slots in the jaw bone for bone to grow around. Unfortunately, few of these proved to be successful over time because of infections around them and unusual healing of the bone around the…

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Witch’s Chins Only For Halloween (denture Wearers)

Witch’s Chins Only for Halloween (denture wearers)

Chances are, you can spot denture wearers all around you—even without going to dental school. You know what I'm talking about…. The older gentleman in church who has huge bright, white, straight teeth on the upper arch with what appears to be nothing on the lower arch; the little old lady in the garden club who doesn't smile and looks…

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