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Who Is That Person Who Takes My X-rays?

Who is that person who takes my x-rays?

Like the old saying goes, the chief is only as good as his helpers. Dental auxiliaries can make or break a dental office.  The quality of care that a dentist can provide is directly related to the skills of his/her team members. The ability to relate to people is an essential quality of any dental assistant.  Their duties vary but usually include collecting and managing…

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What’s Better, Saving A Tooth With A Root Canal Or Replacing It With Dental Implants?

What’s better, saving a tooth with a root canal or replacing it with dental implants?

Dental implants have proven over the past 20+ years to be a fantastic alternative to many traditional dental therapies.  They have proven to be between 88% and 96% successful in replacing one or many teeth.  However, they do tend to be more costly than traditional dentistry in many situations, require specially trained dentists and surgeons, and cannot be placed in…

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Dental Forms – Why So Many?

Completing paperwork, dental forms included, is probably one of the most aggravating duties anyone has to endure - especially when it involves giving permission for something or revealing private information.  As is usually the case when bureaucracy is involved, the need for form signing comes about because people have abused their right to be honest.  In other cases, forms are…

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