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What Kinds Of Dental Records Should I Get For My Child, In Case Of An Emergency?

What kinds of dental records should I get for my child, in case of an emergency?

Important Dental Records With the popularity of television programs that focus on forensic science, people are becoming much more aware of the need for adequate forensic records (like certain dental records)... before a crisis occurs.  Dentists play a crucial role in forensic science. Although not many of us are actually forensically trained, we are expert record keepers of very valuable…

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Dental Forms – Why So Many?

Completing paperwork, dental forms included, is probably one of the most aggravating duties anyone has to endure - especially when it involves giving permission for something or revealing private information.  As is usually the case when bureaucracy is involved, the need for form signing comes about because people have abused their right to be honest.  In other cases, forms are…

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