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Dental Records

What kinds of dental records should I get for my child, in case of an emergency?

Important Dental Records

With the popularity of television programs that focus on forensic science, people are becoming much more aware of the need for adequate forensic records (like certain dental records)… before a crisis occurs.  Dentists play a crucial role in forensic science. Although not many of us are actually forensically trained, we are expert record keepers of very valuable information.

Dental Records

In forensic identification, multiple factors are considered.  Obviously, fingerprints can help but only if fingerprints are available.  Other points of identification, such as x-rays, dental charting, treatment progress notes, DNA, recorded bites, dental models, and body scents are used for forensic identification.

“Toothprints” is a product available at some dental offices for a nominal fee.  Essentially, a special material is warmed in hot water and placed in a child’s mouth for a few seconds. When in place, the child should bite together to give a good impression.  The “Toothprint” is directly placed into a sealed plastic envelope and given to the parent for safekeeping. According to the manufacturer, this record provides a bite registration, a scent that can be picked up by specially trained forensic dogs, and DNA.

Besides checking for cavities, dental records have many other purposes.  Providing the “Toothprint” service is just another way that your dentist may show that he or she cares about the well-being of your family.  Please consider updating your family’s dental records on a regular basis.

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