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Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance Question

Q: What do we do if both my wife and I have a lot of work that needs to be done, but our dental insurance will only cover about $1000?

Many times a couple decides together to seek dental care at the same time.  With a little bit of creative financing and understanding of how dental insurance works both partners can receive their needed treatment affordably.

dental insurance

Most insurance companies have annual limits of anywhere between $600 and $1500 per person.  Very few have family limits.  In most cases, this is a reasonable amount to provide for significant disease control and urgent treatment. Using this approach, both partners can usually be “stabilized” promptly.

Coverage for extensive advanced dental therapy is usually not offered by dental insurance companies.  After all, this is really not what dental insurance is for.  It’s a crutch to try to keep employees functional and out of pain.  Fortunately, dentists usually offer payment plans that make rehabilitative and cosmetic dentistry procedures affordable to our patients.

When a husband and wife both present with extensive needs, a consultation appointment may be arranged with the dentist after both partners have been examined.  Usually, a feasible plan can be established where both husband and wife can be treated in an appropriate manner and financial options can be discussed.

Decisions about dental care should be made together by a husband and wife, just like any major household decision.  Major problems arise when spouses do not communicate with one another about their dental needs until it is too late. When both partners are involved with each other’s dental care, the result is usually a much happier patient. Want to consult a dentist about your plan? We welcome you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Huff at his office in Dover, OH today!

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