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Why You Need To Have Your Dentures Evaluated

By. Dr. Kevin Huff

The number of people who wear complete dentures has been steadily declining over the past few decades. One report suggests that only about 3% of adults will be missing all of their teeth by 2050. However, the fact remains that many people today still need quality denture therapy because they lost their teeth in yesteryear when science and technology did not provide appropriate and feasible methods to save teeth, or because financial factors prevent the ability for some to receive appropriate dental care. Unfortunately, the loss of teeth has been shown to reduce the life expectancy of elderly individuals even more than smoking.Dentures Dover Ohio Dentist

Complete denture wearers suffer from a true physical handicap. Unfortunately, many people—sadly including some dentists—fail to recognize this. Since
properly fitting dentures are required for chewing food properly (the very first and important step in digestion), for self-esteem (a smile defines a persons’ personality and has been proven to affect the hireability of an individual), and for self-confidence, denture wearers should seek dentists who value their individual needs and who have the experience and the artistic skill to fabricate complete dentures that imitate the function of natural teeth to the best that science and technology will allow and the knowledge to offer other tooth replacement solutions that exist today.

Dentures are not commodities, like a can of soda pop. It doesn’t matter where you buy a particular brand of soda pop, so it makes sense to shop for the best “deal” for it. However, dentures are not a commodity that should be “shopped” for. They are prostheses that become part of you. Dentures should be crafted by a clinical artist who is licensed to diagnose the functional, esthetic, psychological, and social needs of the patient and then to provide a completely customized solution to replace missing teeth according to your individual situation. Understandably, the required greater skill and attention to customized detail is not possible to provide for “a deal.” In most situations, you can expect to get what you pay for.

Need Your Dentures Evaluated?

We are passionate about the unmet needs of denture wearers in our community. If you are a complete denture wearer and have not had the fit and function of your dentures evaluated by a licensed dentist, please contact us today to schedule a screening at our office in Dover, OH.

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