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Why Do People Seem To Get More Cavities As They Get Old?

Why Do People Seem to Get More Cavities as They Get Old?

Causes of Cavities as We Age Saliva, a major chemical buffer that maintains the acid/base balance in our mouths and is produced by salivary glands. These glands are predominantly located in our cheeks and under our tongues.  These glands produce two types of saliva.  Serous saliva is "wet and watery", and mucoid saliva is "sticky and thick."  Serous glands mainly produce buffering…

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Why Do I Need Caps If I Haven’t Had A Cavity In Years?

Why Do I Need Caps If I Haven’t Had a Cavity In Years?

You May Need A Crown To Fix Existing Dental Work Large fillings have been used as an economical therapy to restore cavities for over a century, many times to treat cavities or to replace cusps that have broken off. Often, pins have been placed to hold these fillings in place. However, this type of restoration is a “short-term” fix, realistically,…

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