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Do We Inherit Our Teeth?

Do We Inherit Our Teeth?

From the moment that we're born, we always have other people talking about just how much we look like dad or mom or another family member. "You have your mother's eyes," or "You've got your grandma's hands,” are variations of remarks that most of us get throughout our life. We know that a considerable amount of our physical traits and…

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The Future Of Invasive Dental Practices

The Future of Invasive Dental Practices

The time of non-invasive surgery techniques is upon us. Of course, we’ve already seen doctors and surgeons use tiny cameras, surgical instruments, and small tubes to complete procedures through a few small incisions in a medical technique called laparoscopy. There’s also robotic surgery, and this method gives the doctor a completely 3-D view of the patient’s surgery site. Robotic surgery…

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The Power Of A Smile

The Power of a Smile

No matter what language barriers stand between us, a smile is a universal symbol of happiness and trustworthiness in terms of non-verbal communication. You could almost say that receiving a genuine, heartfelt smile from someone is better than receiving money, according to a study performed in 2005. Psychologist Dr. David Lewis, who analyzed these findings, reported: “The powerful emotions triggered…

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Motorcycle Safety | It’s Time For A Ride

Motorcycle Safety | It’s Time For a Ride

One favorite American pastime is jumping on a Harley and going for a ride.  It never ceases to amaze me how many motorcycle enthusiasts are actually out there, taking meticulous care of their beautiful bikes.  However, as a dentist, it also amazes me to see how many of us fail to take care of our most precious asset…our noggins! When…

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