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Dentures In Dover, OH

Witch’s Chins Only for Halloween

Chances are, you can spot denture wearers all around you—even without going to dental school.  You know what I’m talking about…. The older gentleman in church who has huge bright, white, straight teeth on the upper arch with what appears to be nothing on the lower arch; the little old lady in the garden club who doesn’t smile and looks…

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Fillings Dover Ohio

How Do You Fix A Cavity on A Tooth That Supports A Partial?

    One of the most difficult challenges that dentists must face is the task of retrofitting fillings and crowns to an existing removable partial denture.  For those who do not wear partials, a partial denture grips natural teeth with cast metal clasps.  Sometimes, these teeth break or develop tooth decay before the partial needs to be remade.  However, it is…

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Baby Teeth Dover Ohio

Why Should We Spend Money To Save Baby Teeth?

Deciduous teeth, or "baby teeth" as they are commonly called, erupt during the first two years of life and function in a healthy mouth until the adult, succedaneous, teeth are fully developed. During this time, they function for chewing, speech development, esthetics, and they are critical for proper growth and development of the skull and jaw. When they are lost…

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Professional Teeth Cleaning Dover Ohio

Why do I need to come in for a cleaning instead of just brushing them really well myself?

A good friend of mine asked me this question just the other day.  It's worth writing about because he voiced the same question that many think but don't express.  Quite frankly, this is not an unreasonable question because unless you're in the dental profession, most people don't understand the skills that are involved a professional dental "cleaning" and that they are…

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What is “Cosmetic Dentistry”?

In light of reality television and many of the popular programs which inform people of the many reconstructive procedures that can be done medically, the term "cosmetic dentistry" has become a popular buzz word. Unfortunately, "cosmetic makeovers" are often done without considering the overall health, needs, and fundamental desires of each individual patient. In an era of evidence-based medicine, many of…

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What’s the difference between sleep apnea and snoring?

Snoring occurs when the muscles of neck relax during sleep, allowing the structures of the nose and mouth to to fall backwards against the back of the throat, constricting the airway.  As long as the person is breathing regularly and exchanging air, the only problem is for other people in the room.  However, many snorers actually stop breathing several times during the…

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Dental Auxiliaries

Who is that person who takes my x-rays?

Like the old saying goes, the chief is only as good as his helpers. Dental auxiliaries can make or break a dental office.  The quality of care that a dentist can provide is directly related to the skills of his/her team members. The ability to relate to people is an essential quality of any dental assistant.  Their duties vary but usually include collecting and managing…

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Dental Implants Dover, OH

What’s better, saving a tooth with a root canal or replacing it with dental implants?

Dental implants have proven over the past 20+ years to be a fantastic alternative to many traditional dental therapies.  They have proven to be between 88% and 96% successful in replacing one or many teeth.  However, they do tend to be more costly than traditional dentistry in many situations, require specially trained dentists and surgeons, and cannot be placed in…

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