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Oral Cancer Screening Dover OH Dentist

New Technology Promises to Save Lives

Anyone can get oral cancer. If diagnosed with oral cancer, the five-year survival rate is 52%, which has not changed in 25 years. The major reason for such a poor survival rate is that oral cancer is often not diagnosed until a significant, persistent lesion prompts a patient to ask his or her dentist or doctor about it. Unfortunately, because…

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Dentist In Dover OH

Diamonds Are Forever; Restorations Are Not    

No dental filling, crown, denture, or whitening procedure lasts forever. Recently, unfounded claims have been made by some dentists that if specific criteria are followed and if people do exactly as they are told that dental restorations last "a lifetime." To some extent, this is true...for the lifetime of the restoration or the prosthesis. Any promise otherwise is unfounded, unethical,…

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Deep Cleaning Dentist In Dover, OH

Is It Normal to Have to Have a Deep Cleaning More Than Once?

Periodontal disease has become the most common reason for tooth loss in the American adult population. Multiple research studies have been conducted during the past thirty years that have proven that, what used to be called "pyorrhea of the gums" and "periodontosis," is an opportunistic infection caused by several different types of bacteria. Recent research has linked periodontal disease to systemic…

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Dental Treatments When Pregnant Dover, OH Dentist

What Kind of Dental Treatment Can I Have When I’m Pregnant?

Complex biological events occur in the mouth during pregnancy as they do all over the body. Hormonal changes increase the potential for inflammation, make the mouth more susceptible to infection, and can sensitize the gag reflex. As a result, it may be difficult for some women to brush their teeth properly during the first trimester of pregnancy. An old adage…

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Dental Health Dentist In Dover, OH

Why It Can’t Wait…

It is simply human nature to procrastinate dental work. There are multiple known reasons for this, including fear of discomfort, time constraints, and fear of the unknown.  Modern dental techniques that make dental care much more comfortable than in days past; technology that makes dental appointments much shorter, and a plethora of free information about dentistry that can be found on the…

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Dentist In Dover OH

Lasers Have a Place in Dentistry

Lasers have been reported to work wonders in all aspects of modern medicine, including dentistry. While lasers offer a different twist to doing routine dental procedures and give the aura of "state-of-the-art technology," they do not replace the traditional dental handpiece ("drill") currently. Lasers can be used to perform soft tissue surgeries very well, and they can remove decay from…

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Dentures Dover, Ohio

Why Don’t You Want Me to Leave My Dentures in at Night?

A commonly accepted recommendation in years past was that denture wearers should wear their dentures 24/7. In theory, dentures would fit better in this way. However, today we know that this probably is no longer the correct approach--with few exceptions. Dentures are prosthetics that are usually made of plastic. This is a foreign material in the mouth, and the skin…

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Knocked Out Tooth Dover, OH

What Do I Do If My Child’s Teeth Get Knocked Out?

Dental injuries, especially to the upper central incisors, are extremely common in both young children and in athletes, both adolescent, and adult.  Most of the time, the teeth get chipped or cracked and can be repaired by routine dental techniques like fillings or crowns.  Unfortunately, if a properly fitted mouthguard is not worn, more severe injuries can occur like bone…

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